What we do

Provide prevention, intervention and diversionary programs for young people.

  • Trauma informed mentor programs
  • Mentoring
  • Half-term/Summer camps
  • Education and Training
  • Work placements


Run music business courses with our delivery partners Finesse Foreva where we teach young people tangible ways to make a living in the creative space. We do this by giving young people work experience, placements, and temporary and full-time roles within the industry.


Offer mentorship and development for young people from different age groups, working in primary, secondary school, and colleges.


We do extensive work with our delivery partners South Norwood Community Kitchen who give clear concise advice and help to people struggling with housing.


As we believe young people are the best at designing programmes for themselves, we run several youth led projects where young people are paid to deliver and facilitate said project. This is important to us because we believe in building future leaders and passing the baton.

Provide Food

Run the Mainzworld HAF project for hundreds of children on free school meals during the half term and summer holidays providing them with hot food, exercise, and interactive games throughout the year. We also work with South Norwood Community Kitchen who provide free hot meals for the local community every day.

What we care for

Building lasting relationships

Mainzworld supports collaborative work for a holistic approach regarding youth provisions. We know we can’t do it all so we build relationships with other likeminded organisations that we can signpost young people to, whilst receiving referrals for the great work we do ourselves. We have been able to do great work in the past year with the Greater London Authority to interlink with other London boroughs and give young people the support they need.
We take pride in giving young people a chance to experience everything life has to offer, whether it be their first black tie event at an award ceremony, meeting the Mayor of London or performing on a stage in front of thousands of people. We realise that for young people to reach great heights, they need to see it as possible either by representation or simply being in the room.

Bringing dreams within reach for young people

Mainzworld Group Photo